Plastics and composite materials with outstanding (thermo-) mechanical properties

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Conventionally cured epoxy resin (anhydride)

Young’s modulus [MPa] 3800 3400
Tensile strength [MPa] 64 44
Elongation at break [%] 3.3 1.7
Impact resistance [kJ⋅m-2] 10.6 3.7
Glass transition temperature [°C] 160 154

Curratec frontal polymerization technology can be applied to produce materials with outstanding properties. For instance, thermosets achieved from epoxy resins provide high mechanical strength and toughness, high moisture, chemical and corrosion resistance as well as excellent thermal and electrical properties. Those materials also show high dimensional stability and do not emit volatiles. With this specific combination of properties cured epoxy resins are the material of choice for many different applications.

plastic staple

In contrast to conventional curing techniques using amines or anhydrides (many hours at temperatures of >120 °C), Curratec frontal polymerization is an easy and energy-efficient way of curing. Hardening with this technology results in hydrolytically and oxidation-stable materials and can further lead to an improvement of the material properties.

Time-dependent viscosity evaluation of Curratec resin formulations shows its extraordinarily high storage stability (tested at 50°C) compared to a conventional resin formulation containing anhydride hardeners.

time-viscosity diagram Curratec