… a cheap and eco friendly alternative for bulk curing applications

Curratec systems using frontal polymerization technology offer a variety of advantages, if compared to conventional bulk curing. One-component systems are used, showing pot lives of months or up to years in comparison to conventional two-component systems, which need to be mixed in an additional step and processed immediately after application. Furthermore, energy-consuming infrastructure for thermal curing (large furnaces and presses) becomes redundant, enabling a cheap and ecofriendly alternative for the processing of cast resins, etc..


Thin film

Polymer curing in hard-to-reach locations

Curratec systems are particularly beneficial, if curing in locations, which are difficult to access, is required (e.g. chemical anchor bolts, adhesives or coatings). Currently, the technology of frontal polymerization provides the user with potential layer thicknesses of below 1 mm.

Curratec anchor

Fiber composites

Revolutionizing fiber-reinforced plastics fabrication

Curratec resins can also be combined with different fiber materials (carbon, glass, aramide,…) to form fiber composites, which are mainly used in automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industry. Especially for large parts, the energy savings from using frontal polymerization instead of thermal curing can be enormous.

Carbon fiber

The Curratec system offers an extremely efficient fabrication process for fiber composite materials.

Particle composites

A user-friendly on-site curing solution

Particle filled composites, which find its use in the construction sector and in flooring can be easily produced on demand either on-site or off-site using Curratec frontal polymerization technology. Particle filled systems feature high abrasion resistance and a long life span. The easy-to-use solutions offered by this technique make it a versatile and more efficient alternative compared to the well-established techniques available on the market.

Epoxy-based particle composites with different fillers

Particulate substances such as silicon carbide, zirconium oxide or copper as part of an epoxy resin formulation can be cured quickly and easily using a short impulse of light or heat to produce high performance materials.

Curing under rough conditions

A system designed for rough conditions

Curing under rough conditions (e.g. in sewer renovation, repair of bridge piles and dams etc.) can be very challenging using conventional techniques and equipment due to specific chemical mechanisms occurring during the curing process. Curratec frontal polymerization technology enables curing even underwater and therefore brings a revolution to the field of on-site curing applications making even renovation during ongoing operation possible.

under water curing

Curing under water? Made possible by Curratec.